what is dholda racing?

Independent tuner: specialised in Honda racing motorcycles

We are based in Moerzeke (Belgium) and since many decades active in the world of racing.

The activities of Dholda can be subdivided into 2 categories:

Engine tuning:


There are various options for each type of engine block:

  • according to the regulations of a championship?
  • according to the wishes of the customer.

Bike tuning:


Almost all work on your bike is possible:

  • Places racing parts such as exhaust, quickshifter, brake parts,...
  • Places +Adjust HRC ECU, Power Commander,...
  • Partial or complete conversion to race-moto

Dholda stands for quality

Dholda has a modern, nicely equipped workshop with a separate "engine room" for building the engine blocks and a "dynoroom" for running, testing and adjusting.

Start your journey through our website and get to know our "dHolda stable" better...

Do you want a answer to your questions or do you wish to learn more about one of our products? and services, contact us or feel free to drop by, one thing you do not have to fix:

Dholda stands for quality!

-- Mike D'Hollander